Workplace by Facebook – one of the main communication tools used at Orrcon Steel…. sharing stories, wins, and challenges across the globe.

Orrcon Steel has been using the Workplace by Facebook platform for over a year now and it is fast becoming a key communication tool within the business.

Workplace is a great tool for employees to stay connected and bring us closer to our colleagues who are dispersed across Australia and overseas.

At Orrcon, we recognise the importance of engaging with our employees and acknowledge that one of the number one reasons for employee turnover is the lack of opportunity to make meaningful contributions.

Social networking via Workplace helps to empower employees to take a stance and voice their opinion, and contribute knowledge and ideas in a streamlined, efficient manner.

The flow-on effects from employee empowerment are priceless; increasing productivity, improving communication, increasing creativity, as well as creating happier, fulfilled and engaged employees.

By establishing a foundation for communicating, sharing, and collaborating, we can improve employee engagement and interaction.

This, in turn, will strengthen trust and brand loyalty among employees, leading to greater employee retention and satisfaction.

When employee empowerment is in effect, great ideas begin to flow.

The last phase of the implementation involves rolling out the platform to all operational staff.