Why Work With Us

Do you want to be a part of an internationally recognized ASX Company? An organisation that values its employees and offers a rewarding work environment and career development opportunities?

At Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp we know our people make our business successful. We are a market leader in the steel industry and value each individual’s commitment and energy. If you want your work to be valued, recognised and rewarded, then we want to hear from you.

Our doors are always open to fresh ideas and talent and we value diversity, innovation and promote an inclusive and supportive work environment for all. Join us and you’ll find a culture of openness and trust that encourages you to achieve.



You might have noticed this slogan at some point – “We’ll see it through” is more than a tag line next to our brand. It is a statement that says a lot about our business and the people who work for Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp. It is a part of our culture and it reflects our relationships both internally and externally.  It has been confirmed over the years through research to be the essence of dealing with our business and is equally reflected through our teams.

Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp are nationally recognised brands in the steel industry and are now part of the BlueScope Steel Corporation. We are committed to providing high quality service, selling our own Australian made products and providing steel solutions to our customers.

As a business of BlueScope, we manage our company according to the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, flexibility and passion. We believe the behaviours that underpin our success include:

  • A Diverse and Inclusive Team – Diversity | Listen, learn & reflect | Show respect – trust in the team
  • Be Aligned – Use best endeavours | Support shared goals | Stick to the plan | Optimise opportunities across our business
  • Be Customer Driven – Be customer focused – understand their needs | Develop close partnerships | Be easy to work with | Seek new opportunities
  • Be Accountable – Safety is everyone’s responsibility | Taking ownership | Doing what we say we will do | Transparency and openness
  • Act with Agility – Be decisive | Highest priorities first | Embrace change – get on board | Make it happen (80/20)
  • Encourage new Ideas – Build ideas – don’t destroy them | Embrace diversity | Actively exchange ideas | Drive continuous improvement


We and our customers proudly bring inspiration, strength and colour to communities with BlueScope.

Our success depends on our customers and suppliers choosing us. Our strength lies in working closely with them to create value and trust, together with superior products, service and ideas.

Our success comes from our people. We work in a safe and satisfying environment. We choose to treat each other with trust and respect and maintain a healthy balance between work and family life. Our experience, teamwork and ability to deliver steel inspired solutions are our most valued and rewarded strengths.

Our success is made possible by the shareholders and lenders who choose to invest in us. In return, we commit to continuing profitability and growth in value, which together make us all stronger.

Our success relies on communities supporting our business and products. In turn, we care for the environment, create wealth, respect local values and encourage involvement. Our strength is in choosing to do what is right.


Our commitment to keeping our people safe is part of who we are and one of our core values. You’ll notice it from the moment you step foot on our doorstep. We want our employees to go home in the same manner they came to work – free from injury and able to do the things they love and are passionate about without restriction.

WEMATA (‘we matter’):

Working safely is a condition of employment

Essential for workers to be involved

Management is accountable for safety performance

All injuries can be prevented

Training workers to work safely is essential

All operating exposures can be safeguarded

We believe that all injuries are preventable and safety is not just good business but good business is safety. It’s our way of life.


We offer structured training programs and the career benefits of being part of a large organisation as well as a supportive and enjoyable, results focused culture.

We are committed to your learning and development and put structured development plans in place to ensure our employees are set up for success and are developing for future roles. Orrcon is an equal opportunity employer and we purposely look for people from different background, ethnicities and cultures. We believe that one of the keys to success is diversity and leveraging the differences people can bring.


At Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp we strongly believe that reward and recognition is important not just to acknowledge individual successes or results, but to define high performance and embed it in our organisational culture.

We believe in proactive positive reinforcement of the behaviours that create high performing teams through motivation and engagement, and validation of exceeding expectations.

Recognition isn’t just about celebrating the ‘big events’ such as achieving major goals or overcoming significant challenges, but more about a philosophy of valuing individuals whose behaviours and contributions are exceptional on a consistent day-to-day basis.

Exceptional behaviour can be hard to measure, but we believe it is easy to recognise when seen.


It’s important to ensure that individuals are set up for success and are afforded the opportunity to contribute their best performance, for both their own growth and satisfaction and in turn to maximize business performance.

Talented people give us the edge, so we strive to attract and recruit diverse and talented people to continuously improve and grow our business.

With our parent company BlueScope, we have many varied and global opportunities to assist individuals with the desire and capability to achieve and reach for the stars.


We believe that without strong and passionate leaders, we cannot succeed. We have several development opportunities available to our leaders and emerging leaders, whether it’s working with colleagues or attending face-to-face, on-line and on the job coaching programs.

We partner with DDI (Development Dimensions International) to offer the best structured leadership development program that we can. This program covers the Interactions Essentials all leaders require to interact with their teams in the most effective way and in a way that maximises team performance. Whether you are a current leader or an aspirational leader, this is a program that is open for you!


We supplement this with on the job coaching and follow up to ensure these skills, as well as others, are embedded and engrained in our culture – that’s how we do things around here!!


Our business is changing and so are we. Now more than ever, this means we need to be different. Not just in who we are, but in how we think and operate.

Diversity brings innovation, fresh perspectives and the ability to challenge the status quo. We embrace different ways of thinking and acting, different qualities and skills, different experiences and backgrounds.

Our employee-led diversity network plays an active role in making this happen. At Orrcon, our success comes from our people. We choose to treat each other with trust and respect.

We understand that the range of perspectives that result from having a diverse and inclusive workplace will strengthen our capability for continued and sustained business success.

We know that a talented and capable workforce is a competitive advantage and this is something we continue to grow.

To build on this advantage we will strive to hire, develop, promote and retain the most qualified people available at all levels – people who reflect the diversity of our customers, markets and the communities in which we operate. This is Our Diversity Commitment.


At Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp, we want to enable you to unleash your potential at work knowing your personal life is in great shape too. Flexible work arrangements are alternatives to the traditional “9-to-5” workday, or the traditional workplace. Flexibility enables individuals to make adjustments to changing circumstances. These alternatives can assist employees in balancing work, personal commitments and retirement planning, while meeting business needs and objectives.

We are committed to exploring opportunities to balance the demands of work with employee needs for reasonable flexibility in how they perform their work.


We are a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Ltd. BlueScope is a steel producer for the domestic Australian, New Zealand and US markets, and is a leading international supplier of steel products and solutions, principally focused on the global building and construction industry.

There are opportunities at BlueScope across the globe in a diverse range of careers, including engineering, operations, IT, finance and accounting, sales, marketing, health and safety, customer service, human resources, research, technology, logistics and supply chain.