Attracting and recruiting the best candidates can be a challenging task, and in the current environment, requires us to think outside the box. In support of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, our goal is to attract and recruit diverse candidates, focussing heavily on their attitude, capability and transferable skills, rather than specific industry experience and trainable skills. This has led us to question, challenge and rethink our entire recruitment process.

As a result, we have made many changes to how we attract and recruit, and have put some goals in place to help drive accountability and focus. These goals are designed to significantly increase attraction and shortlisting of diverse candidates and selecting the best person for the job without bias.

We have spent time reviewing and challenging the job requirements for all vacancies; is it something they need to know or have experience in, or is it something that could be trained or easily gained on-the-job? This thought process has resulted in eliminating many of the barriers that existed for diverse candidates that would have potentially stopped them from applying for a role.

  • Questioning the entire process – are we using the appropriate recruitment selection techniques? Are we giving all candidates a fair chance of representing themselves in the best way? This has led to increasing the opportunities candidates have to represent themselves e.g. targeted selection interviews, scenarios, phone and video interviews, psychometric testing, informal meet and greets.
  • A thorough briefing with the hiring manager and recruiter prior to commencing recruitment to ensure all biases are acknowledged and everyone is aligned with the job requirements and selection criteria.

Within wider BlueScope (our parent Company) there have been several recruitment initiatives to increase attraction of diverse candidates including:

  • The Blue Boots Campaign – this bulk recruitment campaign was designed to attract more females and other underrepresented groups to manufacturing roles at Emu Plains. The campaign involved some unique marketing strategies including the use of catchy imagery, wording and strategic media placement of the ad which appealed to and targeted diverse applicants, in particular females.
  • The Family and Friends campaign – a Brisbane based initiative designed to help our sites to attract a diverse group of people for operator roles through current employees encouraging people they know to register their interest in working for us; diversity attracts diversity!

Our statistics support these efforts with hiring of females increasing in December to 67% of role acceptance going to females. We still have a lot of work to do in creating new and different ways of attracting diverse candidates, particularly females to more traditionally male dominated roles, and we will continue to strive for this.