Our customers are passionate about Australian Made products. Many requests have been made for promotional materials and signage that highlights that their steel is supplied / manufactured using Australian made Orrcon Steel. A national project was completed to provide our customers with signage to reinforce the product comes from a reputable Australian Made manufacturer.

For us this increases brand awareness, reinforces our strength as an Australian manufacturer and gives opportunities for sales teams to engage with customers on a subject many are passionate about. When the Aussie dollar is low, it’s a good time to promote Australian Made status!

For our customers, it gives association with an Australian Made Manufacturer and with a high quality, reputable supplier, highlighting their support of Australian Made products.

Supporting Australian Made holds the key to prosperity

While Australia rode to prosperity on the sheep’s back during the 19th century, a new report suggests the key to our nation’s economic longevity is by supporting Australian made companies.

An independent report commissioned by the Industry Capability Network (ICN) concluded that for every $1 million in increased or retained domestic business output, there is a direct flow through effect on the economy.

For example, when an Australian business grows its revenue by $1 million, this results in $837,500 worth of Gross Value Added (GVA) to the Australian economy. This generates eight full-time equivalent jobs, saves $85,300 worth of welfare expenditure and generates $264,500 worth of tax revenue.
At Orrcon Steel we are dedicated to working in partnership with other Aussie businesses to help grow Australia’s economy and secure jobs for the future.