Hanh Nguyen is a friendly voice answering the phones and handling customer enquires at Orrcon Steel’s Gillman branch in South Australia.

Born in Vietnam, Hanh migrated to Australia with her family as an eight-year old and quickly adapted to the Australian way of life.

It’s fitting that her birth name Hanh in Vietnam has a meaning of “happiness.” When spelling her name, she reminded Don Welch, the Orrcon Steel South Australian State Manager that her name wasn’t in fact spelt the same as “Hahn” the beer.

Since Hanh started with the Orrcon Steel business in September 2017 as a customer service officer, she has shown the ability to handle multiple tasks with attention to detail and a bright and enthusiastic attitude.

“What I like about working at Orrcon Steel is the support that managers and team members provide to each other. I’m very proud to be part of this team,” Hanh said.

Although the transition of schooling from Vietnam to Australia was quite difficult due to her limited English, Hanh showed at a young age she was a fast learner.

It’s hard to believe considering her capable language skills today, that she had limited English given her passion for dealing with customers on the phone all day and delivering quality customer service.


“At times customers can find my accent difficult to understand, but with a bit of patience they soon realise I can help them with their enquiry,” she said.

Before joining Orrcon Steel she worked for Adelaide based Metal fabricator ‘Laser 3d’ and developed an interest in the steel industry.

“I love living in Adelaide and the opportunity it provides me to further my career,” she said.