Orrcon is and always has had a strong focus on innovation and continuous improvement. This innovation space was designed and implemented as a pilot space to provide our staff with a dedicated area to practice being innovative.

At Orrcon we believe in diversity of thought and inclusiveness to foster the most innovative working environment possible.

In this space, we brainstorm and come up with solutions using a collaborative approach with a good cross section of staff; we need experience to prevent us from reinventing the wheels or repeating the same mistakes; we need expertise to keep up with cutting edge work; we need good facilitation to ensure that people of different backgrounds and personality types get to contribute ideas and have healthy debates.

We wanted to create a safe work environment and rely on our leaders setting the tone by being transparent and willing to admit their own mistakes and genuinely look for ways to improve and learn.

It is vital to ensure that the level of scrutiny and subsequent traction that an idea may gain should not in any way be reflective of the rank or the pay scale of the person who came up with it. It sets the wrong precedence and can discourage contributions.

By having the facilitators or leaders asking the right questions to set the right constraints, this approach sets staff off on the right foot. Our leaders try to inspire staff with the ‘why’ and the ‘where to’.