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Diversity and Inclusion are more than just buzz words at Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp. Last year an Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp Diversity & Inclusion Council was established to help support and drive these values into our business.

The objectives of the Council are to: Prioritise programs, initiatives and activities for maximum business impact; Review progress and ensure relevance of activities to business objectives; Ensure concerns, roadblocks or miscommunications are brought to the surface and discussed; Provide insight and ideas of how to mobilise this program to meet business objectives; Develop, set and review measures that will improve business objectives; Provide feedback on suggested communications within the business; and Share success stories and learnings.

The Council is designed to engage and include a range of different employees for their diverse thoughts, experiences and knowledge to achieve the best success in transforming Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Here is what some of our current Council members had to say about their experiences on the Council and why they joined:

Chamath says he joined the Diversity council because “I believe it’s a great opportunity to contribute to all the positive changes that are currently happening within Orrcon regarding Diversity & Inclusion. At the Northgate branch I’ve witnessed some great improvements in the work culture because of these changes”. When asked what one simple thing was that anyone could do in their everyday role to contribute to the Diversity & Inclusion in our business, Chamath’s response was “it is about being comfortable in sharing their point of view and feeling their input is valued. To assist this, I believe it’s the manager’s responsibility to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable & safe sharing their point of views”.

Joe stated that he joined because “I wanted to find avenues which are relevant to my degree in HR and feel that I was making a positive impact in areas wider than my role itself. Diversity and Inclusion is important because everyone has the right to work in an environment where they feel safe and valued. Being a migrant myself I can relate to the challenges others may have in entering new environments. Australia being the cultural melting pot that it is poses great opportunities for people from all walks of life”.

When Neil was asked why he joined the Council, he said “to be able to work with the team to further extend our diversity through the workplace, and be able to have input into improving the understanding of our diverse workforce”. He believes it is important because “Diversity provides different perspectives from different backgrounds and points of view, this method used with Continuous Improvement provides an increased ability to further drive our CI Journey. Inclusion is important as we all need to understand that we are here for the same reasons, to build an effective and sustainable business and provide for ourselves and families”.

Garry says “I was nominated to join the council, likely because I was willing to debate and challenge things if required, and am willing to speak up. I believe there needs to be balance regarding how this is approached by the business”. When asked why he thought it was important Garry said “Diversity is important to enable getting a good, balanced outcome from within the workgroup. Having diversity provides a broader view on a subject or problem. This assists with getting a good or improved outcome and helps remove the “I didn’t think of that” issue. Also, by having a diverse group it can also provide benefits with certain business requirements, buy having more choice of who to assign certain tasks or projects to”.

Council members are available to be contacted about any ideas, initiatives, questions or concerns employees may have, and there is also a Diversity Council Sharepoint site where employees can access a variety of information.