Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - 10:40

Orrcon Steel is excited to be involved in the Victoria Government’s ‘Towards Zero’ safety project, which involves installation of safety barriers across 2000 kilometres of Victoria’s most dangerous regional roads.

The $1 Billion investment into making Victorian roads safer includes a supply of 600 tonnes of Road Barrier steel posts using corrosive resistant MAXI-TUBE®.

This Vic Roads project has many safety features, which will help reduce fatal crashes on regional roads. Alarming statistics released by Monash University reveal that drivers are five times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash on a regional road compared to on a road in metropolitan areas.

The ZM275 coated MAXI-TUBE® is listed in the Vic Roads Specification as an approved tube product to satisfy the design life requirements. Supply of 600 tonnes of Orrcon Steel MAXI-TUBE® product has commenced this year for this important Government initiative. The Orrcon Steel sales team coordinated the fabrication of the tube using a laser cutting service enabling delivery of finished posts ready to be inserted in the ground.

MAXI-TUBE ® is a durable, pre-coated steel product that reduces lead times, construction times, and costs when used in a non-welded application such as road barrier posts.

According to Vic Roads, “safe barriers help reduce head-on and run-off the road crashes by 85 %.”

Orrcon Steel is committed to working with transport authorities and contributing to safety features on regional roads across Australia.

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